27 FREE Ways to Increase Engagement and Growth on Social Media

27 FREE Ways to Increase Engagement and Growth on Social Media


  1. Post often.
  2. Vary your content – videos, polls, etc.
  3. Use Facebook Live (promote it before and after).
  4. Invite people who have commented on your Facebook page to like your Facebook page.
  5. Start a Facebook group.
  6. Participate in Facebook groups.
  7. Share others’ content.
  8. Include a call to action (CTA).
  9. Develop (and use) a content calendar.


  1. Participate in Twitter chats.
  2. Start a Twitter chat.
  3. Create lists to more easily (and quickly) organize profiles so you can retweet, watch trends, and reach out more efficiently.
  4. Retweet others’ tweets.
  5. Respond when someone retweets, likes, or follows you.
  6. Include an image.
  7. Include a link.
  8. Include hashtags.
  9. Watch influencers and monitor what they are tweeting that gets RTed often.


  1. Post frequently.
  2. Use hashtags.
  3. Follow influencers.
  4. Tag or mention others when appropriate.
  5. Create a branded hashtag.
  6. Respond when someone comments.
  7. Share behind-the-scenes photos and content. (Include the hashtag #BTS.)
  8. Have a fan or employee (from another department) do a guest-takeover for a day or special event.
  9. Offer exclusive content.


  1. Add your social media profiles to your email signature.
  2. Place your social media icons on everything – business cards, POP material, signage, statements, inserts, etc.
  3. Cross-promote on ALL profiles!

If you try any of these, I would love to hear about your results.

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