15 Ways to Promote Your Book

15 Ways to Promote Your Book

  1. Create a special landing page, leading to final destination.
  2. Harvest email addresses for future use such as a newsletter to promote next book!
  3. Hold a virtual book tour.
  4. Hold a Twitter chat.
  5. Include author’s social media info where applicable in book.
  6. Create a book pitch for 3 different lengths of time.
  7. Use copy from book for tweets that link to order page.
  8. If there is time for pre-ordering books, heavily push that everywhere.
  9. Create author videos. People love behind-the-scenes stuff and to hear from authors.
  10. Develop lists for potential speaking engagements.
  11. Develop a list of people to ask to do reviews.
  12. Create copy for Twitter / Facebook posts so people can easily share.
  13. Be sure to claim author’s real estate on Top 5 social media platforms. Then include copy directing them to the more frequently used platforms.
  14. Negotiate with your fulfillment center to include a bookmark with the new book information as well as Social Media information in current shipment’s book orders. (This is assuming you already have a book. Or partner with non-competitive book author to include a bookmark in their shipment.)
  15. Create house ads about your book and stream them throughout your website. (House ads are simply ads about your products or services.)

Here are a few more sources you might find helpful when promoting your book.

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