Business Success Roundtable Launching October 17th

Join us on October 17th!

Don’t have time to market your business or build your brand?

Tired of going to workshops and classes only to throw your notes in a desk drawer once you get home?

Do you need training, support, and an accountability team to make things happen?

Stop procrastinating and join the Business Success Roundtable!

The Business Success Roundtable is an exclusive dinner program hosted by Flowers Media Matters. The roundtable is led by international business and marketing strategist, @LisaLFlowers. You will meet and network with other business owners and professionals and learn HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY MARKET YOUR BUSINESS.


  • Learn how to grow your business and brand using traditional, digital and social media marketing
  • Connect with other business owners and professionals for insight, ideas, and advice
  • Grow your online influence, increase sales, and retain customers
  • Learn & work – GET STUFF DONE!


  • Attend exclusive monthly meetings with dinner included
  • Get business accountability, coaching, training, and mentoring
  • Create ready-to-go, customized marketing and PR strategies
  • Private and confidential 24/7 access in an exclusive Facebook group

This ISN’T a networking group. While you’ll meet other business owners and professionals, our roundtable is focused on GETTING STUFF DONE!

A 6-month commitment to you & your business is required! Bring your laptop and let’s get started!

This roundtable launches on Tuesday, October 17th. SPACE IS LIMITED – REGISTER TODAY!

Call 703-862-8743 or email Lisa at for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Business Success Roundtable takes place every 3rd Tuesday night for 6 months. The dates are 10/17/17, 11/21/17, 12/19/17, 1/16/18, 2/20/18, and 3/20/18. We will meet at 6pm and will end at 9pm. Dinner is included in your membership. Your 6-month commitment is to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS as well as other group members. Every group member counts! Membership fees will be charged 3 weeks before each month’s meeting.

Location: Royal Restaurant in Alexandria, VA. There is plenty of street parking. They also have a parking lot.

For sponsorship packages or exclusive partnership opportunities, feel free to contact us at (703) 862-8743 or email Lisa at

20 Quick and Easy Things to Measure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

20 Quick and Easy Things to Measure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Being active on social media is important. Having social media goals related to business practices is just as important. MEASURING your efforts is critical. Here are some simple ways to measure how all that work you’re doing is (hopefully) making a difference.


  1. # of likes or fans
  2. # of check-ins
  3. # of follows
  4. # of posts
  5. # of likes on posts
  6. # of comments
  7. # of shares
  8. Average # of comments, shares, likes, etc., per post
  9. # of reviews
  10. Review ratings


  1. # of followers
  2. # of tweets and RTs
  3. # of profiles you are following
  4. # of retweets on YOUR tweets
  5. # of likes on YOUR tweets

(If the number of RTs and likes is higher on RTed/curated content, monitor it more closely. You may find some great content ideas for your own tweets.)


  1. # of followers
  2. # of posts
  3. # of profiles you are following
  4. # of comments
  5. Average # of comments, likes, etc., per post

How often should you measure? At least weekly. Generally you will report your results monthly.

If you try any of these, I would love to hear about your results.

27 FREE Ways to Increase Engagement and Growth on Social Media

27 FREE Ways to Increase Engagement and Growth on Social Media


  1. Post often.
  2. Vary your content – videos, polls, etc.
  3. Use Facebook Live (promote it before and after).
  4. Invite people who have commented on your Facebook page to like your Facebook page.
  5. Start a Facebook group.
  6. Participate in Facebook groups.
  7. Share others’ content.
  8. Include a call to action (CTA).
  9. Develop (and use) a content calendar.


  1. Participate in Twitter chats.
  2. Start a Twitter chat.
  3. Create lists to more easily (and quickly) organize profiles so you can retweet, watch trends, and reach out more efficiently.
  4. Retweet others’ tweets.
  5. Respond when someone retweets, likes, or follows you.
  6. Include an image.
  7. Include a link.
  8. Include hashtags.
  9. Watch influencers and monitor what they are tweeting that gets RTed often.


  1. Post frequently.
  2. Use hashtags.
  3. Follow influencers.
  4. Tag or mention others when appropriate.
  5. Create a branded hashtag.
  6. Respond when someone comments.
  7. Share behind-the-scenes photos and content. (Include the hashtag #BTS.)
  8. Have a fan or employee (from another department) do a guest-takeover for a day or special event.
  9. Offer exclusive content.


  1. Add your social media profiles to your email signature.
  2. Place your social media icons on everything – business cards, POP material, signage, statements, inserts, etc.
  3. Cross-promote on ALL profiles!

If you try any of these, I would love to hear about your results.

30 Ways to Promote Your Event

30 Ways to Promote Your Event

  1. Create an event page on Facebook and promote it on your Facebook business page.
  2. Boost your event post.
  3. Post it prominently on your website.
  4. Create “house” ads in Canva for each of your social media platforms. (House ads include posts, tweets, cover images, event images, etc. Be sure to include a link to your event page in the comments.)
  5. Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram paid ads.
  6. Tag sponsors, registrants (or attendees), vendors, etc., in posts.
  7. Post event in local Facebook groups.
  8. Add event link to email signatures.
  9. Include in social media profile descriptions and bios.
  10. Ask other professionals how they promote their event. (Review what your competitors are doing as well.)
  11. Create a hashtag list – and use it.
  12. Hold Facebook Live interviews with organizers and sponsors.
  13. Promote sponsorship opportunities on all social channels, including event page.
  14. Encourage planning team, sponsors, and registrants to share Facebook event page.
  15. Add to event listing pages on local tourism sites.
  16. Add an event message to your voicemail.
  17. Add an event message to your organization’s “on-hold” messages.
  18. Create a special event page on your website.
  19. Send out a press release.
  20. Ask industry influencers to share.
  21. Write a blog post about it.
  22. Promote your event at other events.
  23. Create event t-shirts and offer as giveaways.
  24. Send out a series of email bulletins.
  25. Develop and schedule up content to share before, during, and after the event on social channels. (Ask sponsors and vendors to share on social.)
  26. Post the event on industry websites’ calendars.
  27. Don’t overlook direct mail, newspapers, and radio.
  28. Place an ad in local or industry publications.
  29. Don’t overlook Pinterest and YouTube.
  30. Include event info and link/url on statements, receipts, tabletop signage, packing slips, in-house signage, etc.

Create an event promotion checklist to use for your next event.

4 Things to Do Before Hiring a Marketing Consultant

  1. Be ready to listen. It is important your first phone call or meeting be a collaboration of your needs and goals, as well as how the marketing consultant’s skills can meet your expectations. The consultant should have already done some research on your ompany as well as your competition. They should come to the meeting with ideas and discussion items.
  2. Have your goals written down. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T. goals. And they should be written down, in advance of the meeting. Be open to changing them, or at least adjusting them, a bit during your meeting with the marketing consultant.
  3. Be willing to let them do their job. Like any professional, they should know what they are doing and don’t want to be micro-managed. If you have written down your goals, during your discussion with the marketing professional, there should be collaboration on a clear plan of action.
  4. Be ready to compensate them. You get what you pay for. If you hired a plumber or electrician you would be prepared to pay them for their services from the moment they stepped foot on your property. Marketing consultants expect the same thing. You should have had a phone call (or series of emails) before your actual meeting. During those conversations, fees should have already been discussed.

Got any more tips? I would love to hear them. Write them here or send me at tweet at @LisaLFlowers.

The BIG List – 52 Types of Content Every Writer Needs

The BIG List – 52 Types of Content Every Writer Needs

Consider going to three or four websites/blogs and researching how they use some of these types of content. Write down those ideas on your editorial calendar now, instead of when you’re ready to write the post. Let me know how it goes!

  1. Animated gif
  2. Article
  3. Ask fans a question
  4. Behind-the-scenes
  5. Blog post
  6. Book review
  7. Case study
  8. Cheat sheet
  9. Checklist
  10. Client story or testimonial
  11. Comic or cartoon
  12. Company news
  13. Customer service questions
  14. eBook
  15. Exclusive content
  16. FAQs
  17. Guest post
  18. Guide
  19. History of company or industry
  20. How-to article
  21. Image
  22. Industry news update
  23. Infographic
  24. Interview
  25. Link or resource page
  26. List
  27. Movie review
  28. National holiday
  29. Opinion post
  30. Photo
  31. Podcast
  32. Podcast summary
  33. Presentation summary
  34. Press release
  35. Product review
  36. Reply to comments
  37. Research
  38. Research report
  39. Resources or link list
  40. Review of survey
  41. Review
  42. Share a blog post
  43. Share a fan’s photo
  44. Survey (ask)
  45. Survey (responses)
  46. To-Dos
  47. Tutorial
  48. Twitter chat summary
  49. Upcoming events (Pre- and Post- also)
  50. Vendor story or testimonial
  51. Video
  52. Video review

Are you on Twitter? Let’s follow each other! I’m at @LisaLFlowers.

31 Types of Blog Posts

31 Types of Blog Posts

  1. Case studies
  2. Cheat lists
  3. Checklists
  4. Controversial posts
  5. Critique
  6. Curating or newsjacking
  7. Current events
  8. Debate
  9. Difference of opinion
  10. Hypothetical
  11. Industry news or trends
  12. Informative
  13. Inspirational
  14. Instructional (How-to’s, DIY)
  15. Interviews
  16. Jokes or funny posts
  17. Link posts
  18. Lists
  19. Prediction
  20. Presentations
  21. Profiles
  22. Questions & Answers
  24. Rant
  25. Research
  26. Reviews
  27. Summary
  28. Survey
  29. Takeaways (from an event, a trip, a class)
  30. To-dos
  31. Videos

Which types of posts do you write most often? Consider switching it up to find new audiences and keep it interesting for your current readers.

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7 Ways to Use Social Media

A lot of times companies are using social media to simply broadcast their message without any real focus or goals. Below are 7 ways to use social media. I hope my list can give you ideas or a different perspective to help you with your business. Consider the following questions when reviewing the list. If you need a quick call to talk about it, I’m here to help.

Which of these ways worksbest for your company?

Have you considered a new direction for your product or service?

Are you using one social media platform for growth and another for networking?

1. For influence
2. For growth
3. To gain authority
4. To educate
5. To reposition
6. For news
7. To network

Social Media Week Lagos – Will You Be There?

We are excited to announce we will be attending and speaking at Social Media Week Lagos! This event is thSMWLagos 2015e LARGEST event of its type on the African continent.  Social Media Week is a global event held twice a year a various cities across the globe.


Our fearless leader, Lisa Flowers, will be presenting a MasterClass – Using Twitter to Connect Companies, Cultures, and Countries. Follow Twitter hashtag #SMWTwitter to get tips from the session if you can’t join us! lisa flowers headshot






15 Ways to Promote Your Book

15 Ways to Promote Your Book

  1. Create a special landing page, leading to final destination.
  2. Harvest email addresses for future use such as a newsletter to promote next book!
  3. Hold a virtual book tour.
  4. Hold a Twitter chat.
  5. Include author’s social media info where applicable in book.
  6. Create a book pitch for 3 different lengths of time.
  7. Use copy from book for tweets that link to order page.
  8. If there is time for pre-ordering books, heavily push that everywhere.
  9. Create author videos. People love behind-the-scenes stuff and to hear from authors.
  10. Develop lists for potential speaking engagements.
  11. Develop a list of people to ask to do reviews.
  12. Create copy for Twitter / Facebook posts so people can easily share.
  13. Be sure to claim author’s real estate on Top 5 social media platforms. Then include copy directing them to the more frequently used platforms.
  14. Negotiate with your fulfillment center to include a bookmark with the new book information as well as Social Media information in current shipment’s book orders. (This is assuming you already have a book. Or partner with non-competitive book author to include a bookmark in their shipment.)
  15. Create house ads about your book and stream them throughout your website. (House ads are simply ads about your products or services.)

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